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Account and Registration

If you want to take advantage of the additional features explained below, then you will need to create a user account on Buendeal. You can create an account with Google or Facebook to save time.

Wishlist and Boards

Anytime you want to save a product to your wishlist, click the 🤍 icon and the product will be saved to your wishlist. The wishlist feature is an excellent tool for saving products that you want to check later.

By default all new wishlist items will be added to your default board . You can create different Boards and organize your wishlist items however you like. For example, you can create “Christmas Board”, “Washing Machine Board”, or any other type of Board that you like.

Compare Products

The Compare Products tool allows you to compare up to 5 products to decide which one is the best for your requirements. You can easily compare price or features on similar products without the need to open new tabs or try to remember which you already reviewed.


You can review products anytime and give feedback for other users on the website. This can really help the community by informing everyone about anything that is not displayed on Buendeal, such as service standards, delivery options, availability or anything else that we might have missed. You can also leave a review on the product itself, so the community knows if it is a reliable product.

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Can't find what you looking for?